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Tired of Unpredictable Legal Bills? Tired of paying in 6-minute increments?

Add an Outsourced Legal Executive to your Team

An Outsourced General Counsel works with a small number of clients, spends time daily or weekly learning about your company and team, and bills on a flat monthly fee basis in most circumstances. Flat fee legal.

  • Strategic outsourced general counsel for your business.
  • Flat fee projects, including trademarks, leases, privacy and data policies, and contract templates.
  • Assistance for in-house counsel for major transactions and M&A.
What Our Clients Are Saying

“Our Outsourced General Counsel on the Auxana platform turned legal from a cost center into part of our growth engine. Legal now directly impacts our revenue through better contract management, processes, and use of resources. That’s huge. That’s the difference between a business partner and a transaction-based, hourly-billing attorney.” – Robert J. Colletti, President & CFO of Parchment Inc.



Finding the Right Attorney for Your Business

Here are some tips in finding the Auxana Outsourced GC that is right for your business.

  1. Number of years in practice.
  2. Industry-relevant experience for your company’s industry.
  3. Physical location.
  4. Billing and fee structure.
  5. Technology solutions utilized.
  6. Discovery period for determining fit.

And remember all engagements are month-to-month and may be cancelled at any time.

Tips on Hiring Your Outsourced General Counsel
  • Has the attorney worked in your industry or with other clients in your industry? Vertical B2B Saas? eCommerce? Digital Marketing? Our attorney profiles showcase industries that they’ve worked in or have represented clients and companies that are in those industries.
  • How does the attorney bill? Our Auxana Outsourced GCs are provided with the tools to bill on a flat monthly fee subscription basis.
  • Personality and Fit. When you engage with your Auxana Outsourced GC, you are bringing on executive-level team member.

Growth stage company clients who partner with an Auxana Outsourced General Counsel see their attorney as a part of their strategy for scaling.