MEET ME! Q&A with Jeff Erickson, Director of Business Development at Carta

Auxana is proud and excited to partner with Carta! We are thrilled about how this partnership helps streamline the equity management process for our member attorneys and their clients.

Tell us a little more about Carta. 

Carta is the leading provider of 409a valuations and equity management software.

Where did your business concept come from? How were you considering the legal services landscape at the time, and what sort of needs do you aim to fill?

The process of issuing paper stock certificates and manually updating cap tables was inefficient.  Carta was founded with the intent to make these processes easier and more efficient for founders and their attorneys.

How did you find us, and why Auxana, Inc.? What is your goal for partnering with the Community?

Beth Lebowitz, Auxana’s founder, referred several of her clients to use Carta’s software and introduced us to Auxana.  To contribute to the community, we have partnered with Auxana to provide a discount to startup clients that would benefit from Carta’s software.  We also offer a free version of Carta’s cap table management software for early-stage companies.  We would love to help provide equity education to founders and other members of the community.

What is your stance on the innovation of the legal industry?

The legal industry has generally lagged in its adoption of technology and innovation.  Yes, it is timely and past-due as attorneys embrace new more efficient ways to assist their clients.

What gets you up in the morning? How do you typically start your day?

I wake up to the latest startup and investor news. I can’t say I get out for a bike ride or a quick hike every morning, but that is my intention. I am motivated by helping and mentoring startup founders. Often I will listen to a podcast or Audible book on my bike ride or hike.

What would you be doing if you were not currently running this business?

Angel investing and skiing.  Last year I started an event called “Ski With a VC” that connects founders and funders.  I am not sure that was my dream job growing up, but it is now.

What are you watching on TV?

My wife and I started watching “Alias”.  We are part way through Season 2.

Thank you! Before you go, is there anything you would like to add?

Auxana rocks!!!  🙂

We think you rock too Jeff!

To learn more about Auxana’s partnership with Carta, visit our website.