MEET ME! Q&A with Patrick Fuller of Fuller Story

Tell us a little more about yourself and how you came up with the idea for Fuller Story.

I recently celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary to the love of my life, Joy. We have two children, Preston (9) and Cassidy (7) and no pets… although let’s be honest, that’ll change! I’m a serial entrepreneur with a singular focus on helping businesses grow faster through video marketing.

Where did your business concept come from? How were you considering the legal services landscape at the time, and what sort of ‘needs’ do you aim to fill?

I struggled to find the right partner when it came to video marketing. They were either too expensive, too flaky, didn’t work the way I need to work, or it just felt wrong. So, as a problem solver I decided to change that and I’ve spent the last few years becoming an expert is video production, video marketing, and storytelling. Now, I get to be the partner I was looking for all along! I’m so dedicated to helping those like me that I even wrote a book about the video marketing process.

How did you find us, and why Auxana? What is your goal for partnering with the community?

Auxana Inc., and Beth Lebowitz, are beacons of light for simpler, more functional, better all around flat-fee business models. My goal is always to add value through education on the best ways to achieve exponential growth through video marketing… everything from strategy through execution. Video marketing is the new networking, and those who embrace it and use it correctly will see amazing growth.

What is your stance on the innovation of the legal industry?

I believe innovation, regardless of industry, is amazing. It doesn’t matter if it’s past due or not, what matters is being able to adapt to it, and find ways to leverage it correctly. The world will never stop innovating and as a business leader you should embrace that and plan for it. Your customers will expect it, demand it even!

What gets you up in the morning? How do you typically start your day?

I love to coach, I love to plan, I love to create. There’s nothing like seeing something you had a hand in building take off and be successful.

For me every day starts with a plan… and some music! I’m big on time blocks, I’m big on crossing things off the list, and I’m big on switching between sitting and standing!

What would you be doing if you were not currently running this business?

100% I would be coaching something. Maybe kids fitness or a sport, or maybe business coaching. As long as there is strategy and teaching happening I’m good to go.

And if I wasn’t “making videos” for clients, I would be “making videos” for myself and my family. Actually, I already do this… weekly videos with my kiddos. They think it’s fun in the moment, but my long term plan is to leave a legacy of love and fun that they can look back at when they’re older.

What is your go to hobby?

Easy, I LOVE to workout, to sweat, to push the physical limits of what my body and mind will let me do. It’s not easy but I always feel better and think more clearly.

Thank you! Before you go, is there anything you’d like to add?

I like my eggs over-medium on top of a bagel with avocado and bacon strips… so good!