Uniquely Auxana: What Sets Us Apart is What Makes Us Great

Why Being Different is So Important

It has certainly been an interesting few months in the world of legal tech and innovative practice models. In January, professional start-up services and technology company Atrium began the process of shutting down its legal service operations to focus on technology, and then, as widely reported in TechCrunch in early March, announced its difficult decision to shut down operations as a legal tech company.  Additionally, UpCounsel announced abrupt plans to shut down on the heels of a continued legal battle, followed by an equally unsettling announcement that the company is re-grouping.

Now, I am a fan of legal innovation. Full stop. Clearly, this is an industry in drastic need of innovation and new models. Which is why I started an outsourced GC virtual law firm, Nimbus Legal, and launched Auxana last year, along with our affiliated contract shop, Contract Moxie.  But there are some primary differences in my approach and belief when it comes to flat fee legal and a digital marketplace for attorneys and companies.


No Percentage of Fees – Auxana Attorneys Keep Their Revenue

Sharing fees between lawyers and non-lawyers is an area of professional conduct that is certainly shifting, but is still considerably high-risk in the area of legal practice ethics.

The biggest differentiator between Auxana and Atrium or UpCounsel is that our attorneys are not our employees or contractors, and we do not take a percentage of their fees. Auxana is a vendor to our member attorneys who pay a flat monthly fee to access our service suite (or $0 for our community membership tier). Overhead at medium-sized to large law firms may cost up to 70% of the revenue that an attorney brings in to the firm. At small firms, attorneys can get used to paying $8,000 – $10,000 per month in overhead. Other platforms that serve as legal marketplaces or lead generation still can take up to 20% of the attorneys’ revenue. 

Not Auxana. 

We promote the “fractional executive” model for attorneys who are looking to potentially kick-start their solo practice, escape the golden handcuffs of many traditional law firms, or even those who just want more control and flexibility over their lives. Auxana attorneys can choose to work with multiple companies, seek various levels of engagement, see what they like, and figure out where they shine. Many of the attorneys we work with also find that it’s both exciting and fascinating to serve multiple companies consecutively, learning from each, and bringing their best practices to their book of business. 

This symbiotic relationship helps to ensure both success and satisfaction across the board. Offering reduced hourly rates and asking attorneys to share the revenue simply does not serve the attorney. One of our primary missions is transparency, and our goal is to help solo attorneys run their practices better by utilizing a flat-fee Outsourced General Counsel model. 

Not only do we strive to empower the attorney, but we’re also looking to do right by the businesses who employ the Auxana GC as well. Our goal is to help align incentives between the business and the attorney. Business leadership can utilize the Auxana platform to not only hone in on an outsourced GC who specializes in the precise type of business counsel they need, but who align with the company’s culture, vision and objectives. Beyond simply hiring legal counsel – which is easy enough to do – the organization who works with Auxana has the opportunity to enlist a culturally-compatible legal partner, and this compatibility has the potential to evolve into a long-term, advantageous partnership for everyone involved. 


Elevating the Modern Client-Attorney Relationship

Regardless of how things have panned out, these various legal tech and legal services companies have been born of necessity. “The way things have always been done” has created a stale industry, ripe for innovation. Attorneys are bombarded with “lawyer jokes” and bad press, and it’s time to change that. Together, lawyers can absolutely build positive relationships with clients, erasing one bad joke at a time. It’s time to elevate the client-attorney relationship, and that’s precisely the goal that Auxana is striving for. We proudly support a modern flat-fee month-to-month fractional executive model, perfect for innovative lawyers without participating in any unethical fee sharing. Auxana attorneys can practice on their terms as long-time outsourced general counsel to companies, or even on a per-project basis. 

This formula works extremely well for businesses, too. Companies can search the database anonymously, and confidently choose the perfect legal partner for their business needs. We’re making it simple to find a vetted, well-suited flat-fee legal partner for businesses of every shape and size.

As Vince Lombardi once said – “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”



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