Meet Me! Attorney Q&A for Juliet Peters

What do you do for your clients?

First, I want to gather a solid understanding of what the business does day to day, what its unique businesses challenges are, and where the leadership team is ultimately trying to go. These questions, which I try to wind in through my first meeting, may seem irrelevant to advising on a particular risk but provide critical information to help me put the issue into the right business perspective. I also help companies prioritize work so the riskiest or thorniest issues get dealt with first.


Why did you decide to become an attorney?

I was born an advocate – it’s part of my DNA. I also love to read, write and analyze things so lawyer was my earliest “want to be”. When I went to law school I expected I’d become a prosecutor. No one was more surprised that what I loved the most was helping businesses. I grew up in an extended family of entrepreneurs and I didn’t realize how powerful the draw was until I was fortunate enough to work as a lawyer inside a business. It’s so rewarding to help someone get to where they want to go.


What gets you up in the morning? How do you typically start your day?

I typically start the day with some meditation first, then a little internet comedy of some to get me laughing and of course, coffee. I exercise a couple of days a week, early in the day (before 6:30am). I try to prioritize my day before I start responding to e-mail. I’m motivated most by the concept of servant leadership – who can I help achieve their goals today? The best days are when I make a visible difference; for example, helping a client tackle a tricky problem or developing a strategy that means a client can reach a goal.


Why did you decide to become an Auxana GC?

I have been representing companies as an outside general counsel since I began building a business 9 years ago. I believe wholeheartedly in the concept. Your lawyer should be part of your team and you should have cost certainty. It’s that simple.


What is your stance on the innovation of the legal industry?

Innovation is critical and is finally starting to happen on a scale that will reshape certain aspects of law. Forward thinking lawyers feel stymied by the ethical rules we live under – it thwarts innovation frankly. But even that is beginning to change. When the rules allow non-lawyers to partner with lawyers there will be real added value to clients in terms of additional service models. Technology is an efficiency play and can drive down costs but it is just one piece of the puzzle.


What would you do if you weren’t an attorney?

I have been really fortunate to be able to do the two things professionally I always wanted to do, which are journalism and law. I really enjoyed my time in public service as well and think anyone who is fortunate to have a legal education should contribute in that way. If I weren’t a lawyer I would be running a non-law business or a non-profit.