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Welcome to Flat Fee Legal.

A collaborative community for sophisticated business attorneys to grow and build their practice with a network of executive resources across industries. A marketplace where companies engage with these outsourced GCs providing transparent, predictable, and scalable legal solutions.

How it Works

For Companies

Auxana is a platform for your business to find an experienced outsourced GC much earlier in your company’s growth stage and at a transparent, flat, and predictable cost. This is the intelligent consumption of legal resources.

For Attorneys

Join the Auxana Circle and join a platform with qualified attorneys and the tools you need to build and grow an outsourced GC practice. Auxana is a collaborative community of like-minded attorneys and one-stop for referrals, advice, forms and documents, business development resources, preferred partner pricing for technology solutions, and leadership coaching materials.

Executive Resources

Become an Auxana Executive Resource to provide your target audience of Auxana attorneys and their network with vetted and trusted solutions, from business development, wellness and coaching to legal needs such as litigators and real estate attorneys, accountants, designers, and other professional service providers.

Services Offered

What Our Clients Are Saying

Auxana Legal has become an indispensable partner across the Parchment organization. From quick assists to deep dives, Beth is always ready to collaboratively work towards a solution. Thanks to Auxana Legal and Beth’s reliable counsel, day-to-day business operations are just a little bit easier.

— Bob Colletti, CFO, Parchment

Beth’s extensive knowledge of our industry and business helps us keep ahead of the ever-changing SaaS industry. Extremely efficient, business-oriented, and personable, Beth doesn’t fall back on legal jargon. Responsive to business requests, she’s a valued strategic partner to Sales, Marketing, Finance and our customers—and played a significant role in our successful $55 million funding round. Her proactive counsel has proven invaluable and we cannot recommend Auxana Legal enough.

— Colleen Shannon, CFO, CampusLogic

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